A service superior only can be offered with the best and last technology:

Thanks to the experience of our founding equipment as developer and technicians of servers for great companies, we know first hand the problems of the clients of services of Dedicated Hosting, VPS and Servers. Using that experience as clients and the technical knowledge as developer were constructed MyServletHosting, with done optimizations to size to fortify a technological infrastructure of vanguard so that therefore you can have and enjoy a quick and highly safe service

Speed and Security Our Commitment

Our equipment investigates, testea and implements the best and last technologies to offer always the up-to-date, and surely fast service more. Our undergone equipment constantly also is developing unique optimizations that make of our infrastructure the best place to lodge their services

These are some of the typical that are in only our service:

Variety channels 24 hours
Data Center TIER IV

Our servers are lodged in a Data Center clasi fi cado as TIER IV, best clasi fi caci³n existing, thus we guaranteed 99,99% of uptime.

Virtualization and Scalability VPS

All the information lodged in MyServletHosting is endorsed in external servers daily. The information can be recovered of up to 1 month back and it is possible to be done from cPanel by file or to the complete account.

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Encryption SSL

All the domains and subdomains count on HTTPS by defect. It improves his positioning in Google and it fortifies with fi anza of your clients when sending information to his website.

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Tools of developer

Constantly we added new tools, also you can ask for them, at the moment we counted on: to composer, Jpegoptim, optipng, nodejs, java, memcached, Google-closure-compiler, yuicompressor, critical, googlefontcss64, uncss, gulp-cli, git, mod_pagespeed, python, Ruby and many more

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A network with more than 110 Data Centers around the world that allows that the content of the website is unloaded from a near servant who keeps an intelligent cache, in addition to accelerating the load, saves transference, thus you can have million visits without needing increasing their resources.

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Multiple Versions of PHP

In Hostingfacil you have all the versions of PHP (from v4.4 - v7.1.*), you can change it from cPanel, or it you can do by directory using .htaccess. In addition you can choose what extensions you want to qualify and what values of with fi guraci³n of PHP you want to have (memory_limit, timeout, max_post_size, etc).

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The information is written and it is read in multiple discs, of such form if it fails one, the other continue operating. In addition to increasing the speed to the power to read and to write of several discs to the time.

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Superfluous connections to Internet

One of the characteristics of our Data Center is that it is connected to several lines of different suppliers Internet, is a form to guarantee that all the services are always in line in case a connection fails.

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Always up-to-date Kernel

We count on the technology of update of Kernel without reinitiating, thus with the service of Kernelcare we are always with the last patches that make more insurance all.

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Each account of Hosting is encapsulated in a cage, that does totally independent of the others, giving total security him, protecting of users with virus or that abuse the resources, therefore stability occurs him to total, this is thanks to the technology of CloudLinux.

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LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface, allows to connect Apache with PHP at very high speed. In addition to this form, they perfectly continue working .htaccess with values of with fi guraci³n of PHP.

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Cache of Archives

The archives keep in a cache of high speed so that they can be read much more fast, this at a level of the operating system, causing that is totally transparent for scripts and in addition that always is updated.

Constructor of Sites
Additional technologies

In addition to the security and the optimization we offered to our clients the possibility of acceding to technologies that facilitate tasks as creating their website with the CONSTRUCTOR OF SITES, installing applications (wordpress, magento, joomla etc) to a click or maintaining their automatically updated applications.

You do not doubt it more and begins today in the best service of Hosting of the Galaxy.