The excellent News! We are partners of Cloud Flare


The excellent News! We are partners of Cloud Flare

As partner of CloudFlare Optimized, we are enchanted to offer the technology CloudFlare Railgun

„¢to all our clients completely free with its package of lodging of hosting.


CloudFlare Railgun



Railgun is the last technology of optimization of the yield of CloudFlare that provides significant improvements in the time of load of the site. In order to activate Railgun, it accedes to his Control Panel and selects Railgun €œOn€. It continues reading to know more details and instructions:

Railgun assures that the connection between our network and the network CloudFlare is as fast as it is possible. Railgun obtains a compression ratio 99,6% for objects previously unCacheable Web using technical similars to the used ones in the compression of video of high quality. The webpage average can wait for an increase of yield 1.43x. 

When it is realised a request to a CloudFlare servant for a webpage that is not in CloudFlare cache makes a connection HTTP to the servant of origin to ask for the page. It is that connection HTTP that Railgun accelerates and assures.


The very dynamic websites even change slowly 

Railgun works by means of the recognition of the uncacheables webpages that they do not change very frequently. For example, during an experiment, page HTML was captured once, and soon again after 5 minutes and after new after one hour. The sizes of the page were 92.516, to five minutes still 92,516 and one hour later 93,727.


Cnn establishes the storage in cache of this page to 60 seconds. After a minute, it is necessary to unload the complete page again. Nevertheless, looking within the page, it has not changed much. In fact, the change between the versions is of the order of 100s of bytes of almost 100 thousands. Here there is a screenshot of one of the binary differences between the main page of Cnn in intervals of five minutes. The yellow bytes have changed, the rest does not have.

The experiments in CloudFlare are developing similar values of change through the Web. For example, the changes by approximately 2.15% in five minutes and 3.16% during one hour. The main page of New York Times changes in around 0.6% in five minutes and a 3% more than one hour. BBC News changes approximately in a 0.4% in five minutes and 2% more than one hour. 

Although the dynamic Web is not breakable, changes either quickly. That means that at the moment at moment only there is a small change between the versions of a page. CloudFlare Railgun uses this fact to obtain discharges rates of compression. This is very similar to how it is seen of compression of video for the changes of picture picture; Railgun looks for changes in a unloading page to unload. 

Railgun technology 

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