The last list of verification of the SEO


With this checklist never you forget nothing for the positioning your website.

The last list of verification of the SEO


Sailing by the Web I have been this I astonish work approaches the SEO, where one describes all the things to consider, that to do and that it does not stop the positioning of our website.


This computer graphics this segmented in INVESTIGATION about your website, competition, market among others very important factors that you must know very well if you want to do a good work.

ON-PAGE SEO, this is the part that lands on water the developers, describes each and every one of the things that are due to develop in the website.

In Off - PAGE SEO, is the additional work to realise to help to that your website leaves the anonymity, most special of this part is that it describes exactly that there is to do.

Finally this section EVERITHING ELSE, this part is crucial, since it measures the previous work and it is a tool for the continuous improvement, will guarantee that finally we fulfill our objective, without this forgets to be between the 10 first results of the finders.


Recommendation: it already reviews your website in each one of the points, if there is some I finish that you do not know leaves your doubt in the commentaries.   

Computer graphics of the SEO

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If there is something it is necessary in the computer graphics please you do not doubt in mentioning it in the commentaries.

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