We are the Best Service of Hosting of the Galaxy

Constructed From the Experience

MyServletHosting is developed from the experience of its founders and collaborators, who tired of the problem of the yield and evil service of the majority of companies of hosting decided to create and to offer a service that stood out by its excellent yield, high speed and most important with an excellent support and support for the people.

Centered in the People

For us most important they are our clients and their satisfaction, for that reason we strongly worked the 24 hours offering the best support and support to help them to grow and to arrive beyond stars.

Our Support and Support are characterized by:

Variety channels 24 hours
Variety of Channels and in Spanish

Our integral service of support (chat, telephone, ticket, email) allows to quickly take care of and to give to solution to problems or restlessness.

Virtualization and Scalability VPS
Collaborative: Beyond the Technician

Our main objective is to help you to grow and to improve, if at some time you get to require of some additional type on watch with whom we can collaborate to you, we are always arranged to help you and to recommend to you.

Support VPS
Of Devs for Devs, but still more for Entrepreneurs.

Before being suppliers we were clients, we know the needs developer and entrepreneurs, for that reason we offer the best services to the lowest price, so that you initiate fast and easy.

We offer the Best Full Service of Passion and Gives

We love what we do, is excited the technology and for that reason always we are in constant improvement, we investigated on a daily basis to make the improvements necessary in our infrastructure to be always updated and thus to offer the best possible service to you.

You do not doubt it more and begins today in the best service of Hosting of the Galaxy.