That it brings LinkedIn to us with his new app?


It discovers that there is to know the new version of app of LinkedIn

That it brings LinkedIn to us with his new app?

LinkedIn finishes sending a redesigned version of its main application, did it this Tuesday 1 of December. They remember that the application was seen for the first time in October and its new design already has waked up many commentaries that especially emphasize their similarity with applications as Facebook in the new service of mail.

This new version of the application divides all the main characteristics of app in five eyelashes:

Home, that Integra the most excellent content according to the profile, function and abilities, as well as the conversations and subjects that generate interest more.

I, allow the user to know who has seen its profile, commented or shared its updates and to publish the profile information.

Mail, allows to initiate instantaneous conversations, leaving back the post office in favor of a fast communication.

My Network, summarizes what it is happening in our network of contacts, which allows in a matter of seconds, possible connections, updates of the contacts or €œpeople who you could know€. From this option, the user can congratulate to some of his contacts by the anniversary in his work or also comment the content shared by the people of his network. In addition, he allows to synchronize the calendar to obtain complementary data for the meetings; for example, app can suggest search the profile of the person with whom it is going away to have the meeting and to discover connections and I interest common.

And Search cualLinkedIn assures to be 300% faster than the previous application.

The certain thing is that it tries to offer a experience of user very similar to the one of other platforms being facilitated therefore the use of the application.

All the new characteristics are available now in iOS and Android. It is possible to say that also she is gratuitous as his version Web.

If it has something to add to this history? Joint party in the commentaries.

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