That it is Railgun de CloudFlare?


Railgun is the last technology of optimization of the yield of CloudFlare that provides significant improvements in the time of load of the site.

That it is Railgun de CloudFlare?

That is Railgun?

Railgun is a technology of WAN optimization that we offer to our clients of hosting in association with a called company CloudFlare. 

Technology Railgun CloudFlare to a great extent accelerates the delivery of pages nonstored in cache. While CloudFlare automatically stores 65% of the resources necessary to make a page, 35% cannot be stored in cache because the resources are generated or are marked as €œnot to store in cache €˜of dynamic form. That 35% are often the HTML of the initial page that is due to unload first. CloudFlare Railgun accelerates this rest 35%. 

That benefits brings to use Railgun?

Websites that execute Railgun show an improvement of 143% in the times of load of HTML and diminution of 90% in the time the first byte (TTFB) answers. 

How work does Railgun?

Railgun opens to a connection of safe tunnel between the network CloudFlare and the servant of origin of its welcome in which the connection only sends differences from the last request. This is similar to how the video codification works. 

The marked one of the websites does not change of a request the following one frequently. Instead of to transfer all the request between CloudFlare and the servant of origin, Railgun will transfer only the changes in the marked one of a request the following one. This reduces the transfer time, bandwidth, and total time of page load. Railgun stores these differences in the memory as rapidly as possible to make the processing of the page.



What type of sites can use Railgun?

Any website can benefit from the supplies of improvements of Railgun yield, especially the dynamic sites. 

How much they cost Railgun?

We have been associated with CloudFlare to make easy and reasonable Railgun. If you buy Railgun through CloudFlare directly, month costs $ 200/. Nevertheless, we have been associated with CloudFlare and we are offering Railgun to our clients only by the purchase of our plans of Hosting lodging. 

How I can activate Railgun in my site?

to see instructions 

What happens if I am having problems allowing Railgun?

If it has problems when qualifying Railgun, please put yourself in touch with our equipment of support through chat, Skype or tickets.


I am not a CloudFlare client, I can use Railgun?

No. You must be a CloudFlare client with the purpose of to use Railgun.


I am seeing an error in my site and create Railgun is causing, what I must do?

If Railgun is using traverse of cPanel, it can directly extinguish it from the Control Panel. Otherwise, it enters its account of CloudFlare, goes to Configuration of yield and it turns Railgun outside there. Please, to present a report of error with a detailed description here


Remember to me, which is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a service of third parties that we offer to our clients of hosting. CloudFlare offers the yield, the security and the availability for the webpages. CloudFlare works as a network distributed at world-wide level where it frisks of automatic form the static content, filters malicious traffic and help the unloading of great tips of traffic. In average, a site loads twice faster, uses 65% less than resources of the servant and has an additional layer of security.

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