Sent PHP 7 after years of development


The new motor of PHP 7 concentrates in 3 things speed, speed, and speed.

Sent PHP 7 after years of development

The developers Web worldwide have had to wait for almost 8 years for the launching of the stable version of PHP 7 that already is officially available, now the work is to migrate their code to this new version.

Unlike previous versions, as PHP 5.3.x and 5.5.x PHP, where the PHP equipment introduced a series of changes last minute, PHP 7 come with minimum modifications of syntax, this new version that concentrates more in the improvement of the yield and the interpreter of the PHP nucleus.

Nevertheless, there are developers that still were using some of the old extensions and SAPIs of PHP, which are going to have a little work, having to eliminate any inherited code of these applications. Situations as these are destined to be little frequent, since the PHP equipment has returned obsolete the majority from these old tools in previous versions, and now have only cleared the code of the PHP nucleus.

Eliminated Extensiones and SAPI

Eliminated extensions:

  • ereg
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • sybase_ct

SAPIs Eliminated:

  • to aolserver
  • apache
  • apache_hooks
  • to apache2filter
  • caudium
  • continuity
  • isapi
  • to milter
  • nsapi
  • phttpd
  • pi3web
  • they roxen
  • thttpd
  • tux
  • webjames

An example of obsolete characteristics is the Constructors in the style of PHP4 (methods that have the same name that the class where they are defined) where PHP 7 will emit E_DEPRECATED if a constructor PHP 4 is the only constructor defined within a class. The classes that implement a method __construct () not are affected. As well as static calls to methods that are not static among others. To see obsolete characteristics.

As it were mentioned previously, PHP 7 concentrates in the speed, and the realised datum points during the last months, have demonstrated that it is almost the double of fast that versions 5.x PHP and majors.

New characteristics PHP7

These are some of the new characteristics of php7:

Declarations Scalar type

 Now the following types for parameters can be forced (as much coercive as strictly): chains of characters (string), integral numbers (int), decimal numbers (float), and boolean (bool). In order to qualify the strict way a simple directive is due to place declares at the home of the file. it declares (strict_types=1); 

 If the given value is of an incorrect type will send a TypeError exception.


Declarations of type of return

PHP 7 adds support for declarations of type of return that specify the type of the value that will be given back by a function. The same types as much for the declarations of type of return as for the declarations of type of argument are available.


Operator of fusion of null

He gives back his first one operating if he exists and it is not NULL; otherwise he gives back his second operating.


The operating spaceship

The operating spaceship is used to compare two expressions. It gives back -1, 0 or 1 when $a is respectively smaller, equal, or major that $b. The comparisons are realised according to the rules of comparison of usual types of PHP.


Arrays constant with defines ()


Now constants of Array can be defined with defines (). In PHP 5,6, they were only possible to be defined with const. 

Anonymous classes

Class has been added to support for anonymous classes by means of new. These can be used instead of definitions of complete classes for disposable objects:


For the interested developers, a complete list of new characteristics is available in the official manual of PHP.

Dice to the projects of opened code of PHP many have known about the imminent liberation of PHP 7 from June of 2015, the majority already has updated their code to support PHP 7, and those that did not do it surely will do it after official launching of today.

If you wish to try PHP7 you can unload it in the following connection or from easy Hosting first company of Hosting in having PHP 7.0.0 (last stable version of PHP) available for all clients.

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