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Distribution Operating system
CentOS: It is an operating system of opened code, based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, operating similarly, and whose objective is to offer to the user a gratuitous software of enterprise class. It is defined as robust, stable and easy to install and to use.
Fedora: It is a Linux distribution for general intentions based on RPM, that characterizes for being a stable system, which is maintained thanks to an international community of engineers, graphical and usuary designers who inform into failures and prove new technologies. Account with the endorsement and the promotion of Red Hat.
Ubuntu: It is a distribution of Linux based on the architecture of Debian.
openSUSE: It is a Linux distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH
Debian GNU/Linux: Debian is Unix type who are compound completely of free software, and packaging by a group of people who participate in the Debian Project.
Scientific Linux: It is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is focused in laboratories and universities.
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* If it requires invoice to legal person to send RUT to contabilidad@myservlethosting.com after realising the payment.

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* This service includes a Public direction IP and a Block IPV6.

It selects the additional elements that wish to include in their order.

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