Microsoft and its application that can find out what so happy you are!


Emotions API is the name of the application that Microsoft created and that is able to apartir of a photography to recognize emotions and to measure that so intense they are.

Microsoft and its application that can find out what so happy you are!

Microsoft has presented the beta version of its API of the Project Oxford, an algorithm able to recognize and to quantify the emotions of a person from a photography.

Named Oxford Project, this API €œallows to construct more customized applications him€, if you wish to trust this beta version. Basically, the algorithm identifies the frontal faces, soon measures its emotions: happiness, sadness, surprise, wrath, fear, scorn, disgust or neutrality.

Also podra to be an interesting tool so that the companies measure the acceptance of their products. 

In order to know and in addition to use it more it enters to 

How it works?

Project is easy to use and demo is accessible to all: it is enough with raising an image from the computer or to load direction URL of an image that you find in a website, software in line identifies the face and it assigns a score to him to each emotion. Effective in theory, as it is the practice?

Emotions API tests

It seems that Kim Jong Un manages to confuse a little with its neutral aspect although the second valued emotion but would not think that sadness outside as affirms Microsoft but of misfortune.


Emotions API tests

Neutral, enserio?  In fact no, he can feel quite annoying in this poster of Star Wars: Wide-awake The FORCE. Shelp this, it is not absolutely a failure for Microsoft since the wrath this secondly. He is not bad, is acceptable.

Emotions API tests

Finally to smile a little, I believe that she is rightest of the three. With the 0,43050 of Surprise and secondly fear with 0.24577.

It proves the application and tells us that so right I am with your photographies.

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