Music for programmers


If you are programmer this is for you, application Web that compiles one long series of mixtures of thought songs to listen while you work, in addition to its design that will be to you very familiar.

Music for programmers

Already they have proven musicforprogramming ()?

It is a series of special mixtures to listen while these programming since it helps the concentration and to increase the productivity.

His creator John Davies tells us that through years of test and error, to jump around the radio stations by Internet, playing with the collections of music in random reproduction, or simply repeating time and time again individual discs, he has found that the most effective music to help prolonged periods of intense concentration lies down to have a mixture of the following qualities: Hummings, noise, recordings of field, hipnag³gica vagueness, smaller textures without rate, complex chords, old music, very few synthetic drums and song, arpeggios, walls of reverberation.

So I create musicforprogramming (), that lodges lists of reproduction called €œepisodes€, until now has 40 of them, each with more than a dozen of chosen songs especially by Davies, in addition that the application counts on a quite familiar design, shines almost exactly as a code publisher.


Find it in or also you can listen to them in iTunes

Animate to you to prove it and to leave a commentary us of if I work to you or no, or that him it is necessary. 

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