We phelp to him to refer clients to us €“ official Launching


It is probable that you have known easy Hosting by a friend, a companion, a partner, our clients are spreading the word, they are the one who know our quality more on watch.

We phelp to him to refer clients to us €“ official Launching

For that reason we have constructed to a system modern that allows you to refer clients to us, it you can make by your link of referidor and other means. You obtain an advantage (payment) on the first payment that the referred one realises with us.

How it works?

1. You subscribe and active the section of affiliates here
2. You will have a unique connection that you will be able to share in social networks or your website.
3. The advantage in your bank account protests.

These are some occasions where podrias to use your referidor link:

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Who We are? is a lodging company Web that in the last 2 years has worked with than 400 entrepreneurs/companies lodging more its more valuable information, emphasizing us by our excellent technical support, service and confidence. In addition to being in continuous innovation making available the best technology and the best yield to the best price. Animate to you to win affiliating you with our referidor program.
Any doubt, remembers that we counted on support and consultant's office by our service of 24/7 of chat in

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