The incredible application that allows to see radio networks you


Architecture of Radio draws up the €˜infoesfera€™ and reveals the wireless data to your around.

The incredible application that allows to see radio networks you

The human eye is very powerful, but to only it lets see a small chip us of the electromagnetic waves. It is almost impossible to imagine what our world is if we could see beyond the visible spectrum, but a new called application Architecture of Radio is pleasant to us to know it.

The application offers a experience of increased reality: turning your iPhone or iPad to you around the device will act as a window to a previously invisible world of fronts of wireless spherical wave that emanate routers and the cellular towers of distant. He can be that he even detects an overload that happens through a satellite.

A look to another world

The application is offered at the moment within the framework of a exhibition by the Dutch designer Richard Vijgen in center of Art and Mass media in Karlsruhe, Germany. Vijgen writes in his webpage that the application invests daily experiences €œto hide the visible thing while reveals the hair net of the technological panorama in which we interacted through our devices.€ This way, looking through his tablet it can look more of this world, something as in  The Matrix.

How it works?

The application draws up the densities of the DS, as the radio waveses, that exist outside the phantom of the light.

The high and thin tips are the mobile telephony towers, however router Wi-Fi he is the one that is seen as a small triangle.
The satellites are those that are in the sky with form of buckets.

Those sources and are presented more in the application - that are compiled of several public data bases. The waves that come from these sources are only estimations based on the distance, and not measured real seizures by the device. This means that the visualization is plus an artistic experience that a precise tool for the analysis of the electromagnetic radiation to your around. But despite, he is very interesting.

And it is that, although the data on which app is based are quite exact (for the satellites, for example, it uses information of the system of location of the Laboratory of Propulsion of the NASA), the form of it signals is not it. This is simply an interpretation of the waves, according to the vision of its creator.

The application for iOS was published at the home of this month by $ 2,99 USD - the users of Android will have to hope until the next year to prove it.

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