Hosting Streaming, To initiate your transmitter in line never was so easy, turns you into your own DJ.


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loading€¦ COP /A no

- Kb/s maximum: 24
- Simultaneous listeners: 24
- He does not have AutoDJ
- Monthly transference: 2 GB


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- Kb/s maximum: 64 (Listen to a transmitter 64Kb/s Here
- Simultaneous listeners: 120
- Qualified AutoDJ MP3 and AAC Extra
- Storage AutoDJ MP3: 2 GB
- Monthly transference: 20 GB


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- Kb/s maximum: 128 (Listen to a transmitter 128Kb/s Here
- Simultaneous listeners: 700
- Qualified AutoDJ MP3 and AAC Extra
- Storage AutoDJ MP3: 30 GB
- Monthly transference: 300 GB


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loading€¦ COP /A no

- Kb/s maximum: 320 (Listen to a transmitter 320Kb/s Here
- Simultaneous listeners: 1000
- Qualified AutoDJ MP3 and AAC Extra
- Storage AutoDJ MP3: 100 GB
- Monthly transference: 1000 GB

Note Plan FREE:
- By email electronic support and ticket.
- This plan is only for proving the service, can be finished if not this being used. We recommended a plan to you payment to count on AutoDJ, support 24/7 by chat, telephone and help by remote desktop software, even.
  •    Centova Cast v3.2.9
  •    You can emit live from Winamp, Zara Radio, Sam Broadcaster and also AutoDJ among others.
  •    Servers Shoutcast V2 or Icecast by the same price.
  •    Formats of audio ACC Extra and MP3
  •    Compatible Wimanp
  •    Total control
  •    Reproducible for Winamp, Windows Media, ITunes, QuickTime or your Web using HTML5.
  •    Compatible with Android, Iphone and other Movable devices
  •    Uptime 99,9%
  •    Easy to integrate.
  •    Ready codes to shrink
  •    Immediate activation

It orders today and it puts to work his transmitter immediately online.

Hosting Streaming

Centova 3If
Shoutcast v2If
Gratuitous planIf
Specialized consultant's officeIf, gratuitous
Own serversIf
Network Uptime Guarantee99,9%
Support 24/7/365If
Transmission 24 hoursIf
Transmission liveIf
Compatible MobilesIf
Statistics HearingIf

The audio Streaming makes reference to all that one emission and reception of content of audio through a webpage or any application of Internet, in real time and different quality from sound according to is desired generally.

AACplus or AAC+ is a format of audio of high compression that allows the transmission or reproduction of quality sound reducing the lost one and using a smaller rate of transference measured in Kbps, thus guaranteeing greater stability and a crystalline sound but. Less amount of space can be obtained the same quality of a Mp3 occupying, allows a reduction us of important so large weight/without lost of quality.

The most advanced to provide with accomodations streaming of radio by Internet. You administer same your transmitter and measure the levels at any moment hearing.
Podra to observe graphic data among others and of:

  • Countries of origin of the listeners
  • I number connected Listeners
  • Time average of connection of listeners
  • Historical of hearing, week, month year

The best prices

Our infrastructure highly optimized allows us to offer the best characteristics and yield to the lowest price. We do not have hidden prices, payments reason why you are going to use, the quality of our products is our better letter of presentation.

In addition we received payments by different channels, from Efecty and I vote to Paypal and PSE.

They already proved our service:

He initiates today with the best service of Hosting Streaming