He proves the best experience within a service optimized for the High speed and the Yield Superior to the best price of the market.

Web Hosting

The best architecture of hosting shared faster, burglaryable and reliable with best technical support 24/7. All our plans of Hosting include migration free.

Ideal stops:

Bloggers, Freelancers, Designers & Developer, E-commerce, App Developers

Plans from:

loading€¦ COP /A no
loading€¦ COP /Mes

Servers VPS

Escalables, optimized for the high performance and very easy to administer thanks to a friendly Control Panel.

Ideal stops:

Developer of Software, Administrators of Servers, Apps Developers, Gammers.

Plans from:

loading€¦ COP /Mes
loading€¦ COP /A no

Dedicated servers

Of last generation, 99,99% of Uptime, located in a Data Center Tier IV with monitoring and support 24/7 + 500 additional GB for backups.

Ideal stops:

Great Companies, Corporations, Multinationals, Government

Plans from:

loading€¦ COP /Mes
loading€¦ COP /A no

The Last Technology

We have optimized our infrastructure to offer the best experience to him of high speed and yield of the possible easiest way.

Hosting speed

The optimized infrastructure of MyServletHosting is up to three times faster than the majority of companies of the sector.

Hosting security

We count on protection firewall, filters anti Spam and developed technology to size to protect his information of attacks. We are partners of CloudFlare, the greater network of CDN of the planet and counted on protection against attacks DNS and DDoS.

Hosting monitoring

Our infrastructure counts on monitoring the 24/7 365 days of the year guaranteeing 99,99% of uptime.

Best Support 24/7

We offer support until solving to his problem through our channels of support the 365 days of the year.

Hosting equipment

Our team of professionals highly is described and experimented in its profession.

Hosting immediacy

Our integral service of support (chat, telephone, ticket, email) allows to quickly take care of and to give to solution to problems or restlessness.

Hosting facility

From language that we used until the tools on which we counted, we are always looking for the best form to help him.

The Best Prices

Our infrastructure highly optimized dedicated server allows us to offer the best characteristics and yield to the lowest price. We do not have hidden prices, payments reason why you are going to use, the quality of our products is our better letter of presentation.

In addition we received payments by different channels, from Efecty and I vote to Paypal and PSE.

They already trust MyServletHosting


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